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Services / Activities

Types of Services

The Firm provides a wide range of consulting engineering services including economic and technical feasibility studies; regional, national and urban transport planning; preliminary and final engineering design, estimating, contract documents and bid evaluation; topographical, soil and geotechnical surveys; maintenance studies; traffic studies (roads, railways, undergrounds, tramway, air, maritime and river traffic); geological surveys; hydrological and hydrogeological surveys; soil engineering, foundations engineering and design; environmental impact studies; study for institutional reorganization and strengthening; construction supervision; technical assistance.

servicesTo attain an efficient service for clients, the philosophy of the Firm is to understand and adopt the project requirements of the client at the outset, then analyse, develop and refine the requirements in close liaison with the client.

This philosophy has helped the Firm in developping a flexible and innovative approach to projects, without compromising the quality of work or the basic requirements.

It is not this philosophy alone that enables the Firm to offer high quality service, the multi-disciplinary structure of the Firm is also geared towards a flexible and professional response to the needs of the clients. Although many as¬pects of the work require the input of only one of the disciplines, the Firm has a long history of successful multi-discipline projects and this experience has helped the Firm to build up a staff of professionals well practised and benefiting from working as a project team. This ability is an integral part of the service the Firm offers.

On any project, through use of experienced and committed professionals, the Firm provides clients with a flexible and innovative service fully responsive to the particular needs and requirements.


Economic Studies and Transport Plans – Master plans, transport strategic plans, demand market analysis and forecasting, macroeconomics and no-conventional approaches applied to transportation, traffic analysis and forecasting, transport system modelling, traffic surveys and monitoring, economic and financial viability analysis, feasibility studies.

Structural Engineering — Bridges, viaducts and civil structures of all types in a wide range of materials including high-rise developments and complex structures to specialised requirements. Ground engineering and special foundations. Structural appraisals and remedial works.

activities_1Railway, Underground and tramway Planning & Design — Complete railway developments, including operation and economic studies, final design, works supervision and maintenance concept for new railway lines (including high speed) and of the rehabilitation of existing lines, including alignment, station layout and buildings, maintenance centers, marshalling yards, signalling and telecommunication installations, rolling stock, electric traction and power supply.

Roads Planning & Design — Complete road developments, including final design, works supervision and maintenance concept for a wide range of infrastructure types from rural roads to highways and toll motorways for both new road and rehabilitation of existing roads.

Geology and Geotechnics – Complete coverage of all the aspects combined with the geology, soil mechanics and geotechnical problems related to the design and construction of roads and highways (including pavement evaluation and design) and railways (including superstructure evaluation and design), as well as quality control of construction materials and construction techniques (i.e. ag¬gregates, stabilisations, asphalt mixes, concrete, etc.).

activities_2Tunnelling – Tunnelling design including geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations, assessment of excavation methods, techniques of prestabilisation and support, stress analysis and design of the final lining, monitoring of soil behaviour during and after construction.

Contract and Tender Documents — Initial and final quantity calculation, bill of quantities and cost estimates, cost analysis and cost planning, advice on tender and contractual methods and procedures, preparation of tender documents and financial advice up to the final account.

Project Management – Project Management, Project Planning and Control, monitoring of project implementation.

activities_3Technical Assistance – Technical assistance in implementation programs, technical assistance for Concession and B.O.T. projects, technical assistance in construction activity, legal procedures, pre-qualification and tender procedures, assistance in claim procedures, arbitra¬tion procedures.

Research & Development — Computer applications, programs for engineering, planning, economic and financial analysis, investigations and resolution of unusual technical problems, coordination of structural test and development programmes.